There are two parts to every brand–promise and performance–to rebuild our American brand, we’ll need to work together to address both.

Photo of American Flag by Robert McGowan on Unsplash
Photo of American Flag by Robert McGowan on Unsplash
Photo by Robert McGowan on Unsplash

We’ve lost something.

And by “we” I mean Americans–all of us.

Some talk about a loss of unity. Others, a loss of standing in the world. Some describe the loss as a feeling–something intangible–the loss of certainty, the loss of hope, the loss of a shared identity.

We feel disconnected and diminished.

We look for things to make us feel less shitty. Tik Tok videos help for a while, but then that same feeling of loss overtakes us again.

Experts and pundits offer myriad explanations for the loss we’re feeling–it’s the isolation brought on by the pandemic, or the negativity…

Photo credit: Sebastian Voortman

In a year of unprecedented challenges, 2020’s most successful brands taught us some crucial lessons on how to create brand resiliency for long-term success.

On a rare outing to get some last minute holiday gifts, I came across a display that read, “The dumbest thing I ever bought was a 2020 planner.”

Facts. There was no way to plan for 2020.

But even though many brands scrapped their plans and missed their goals this year, not everyone came out of 2020 on their back foot. In fact, a number of brands defied expectations and crushed 2020.

What made it possible for them to succeed while others were left wandering through the wilderness?

Turns out these brands–AirBnB, Peloton, Talkspace, Etsy, and Roblox–who operate in very…

Marketing Made Easy

One failproof strategy anyone can use to sharpen their marketing and level-up their sales

Young woman at a cafe speaking on the phone
Young woman at a cafe speaking on the phone
Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

By now you know growing your brand into a business you love requires hard work, persistence, agility, and (at times) the ability to function on very little sleep.

But what if I told you there’s a secret to growing your brand that’s available to everyone, but used by very few?

In fact, it’s easy to spot the brands who are acting on this secret — they’re the brands that stand out in a crowded field, are growing faster than their competitors, always seem to have the perfect offer at just the right time, and create marketing content that pulls you…

Branding Basics

Being thoughtful and clear about the foundations of your brand is key to building a business you love

Photo by from Pexels

Focus On Brand Definition First

If you’re in business today, you know you need to have a brand.

But, if you Google “What is a brand?”, you’ll get 18.4 trillion results. And, almost as many definitions.

It seems the only thing everyone can agree on is that “brand” is nebulous term that encapsulates many different things. So, if you’re feeling confused about what it means to create a brand, you’re in good company.

I’m not here to add to your confusion.

Instead, what I want to focus on is the practical way you should think about the term ‘brand’ as it relates to defining and…

Susan Federspiel

Brand Strategist + Founder of Helping women entrepreneurs build their brand into a business they love. FB/IG @thebrandpixie

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