There are two parts to every brand–promise and performance–to rebuild our American brand, we’ll need to work together to address both.

Photo of American Flag by Robert McGowan on Unsplash
Photo by Robert McGowan on Unsplash

Photo credit: Sebastian Voortman

In a year of unprecedented challenges, 2020’s most successful brands taught us some crucial lessons on how to create brand resiliency for long-term success.

Marketing Made Easy

One failproof strategy anyone can use to sharpen their marketing and level-up their sales

Young woman at a cafe speaking on the phone
Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

Branding Basics

Being thoughtful and clear about the foundations of your brand is key to building a business you love

Photo by from Pexels

Focus On Brand Definition First

Susan Federspiel

Brand Strategist + Founder of Helping women entrepreneurs build their brand into a business they love. FB/IG @thebrandpixie

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